My 2018

I’m not really a resolutions type of person, I can never really stick to certain goals throughout the year… shit happens, man. So instead of setting certain goals, I have decided that I wanted to set certain mindsets and change a few things in my lifestyle.

My Top Non-Resolution Resolutions

Strengthen my relationship with God. I didn’t grow up in a house that had anything to do with God or religion in any way. I always had an interest, as my best friend’s step mom was a very Godly woman whom I looked up to very much (and still do to this day). It wasn’t until I joined the Marine Corps and had the opportunity to attend church every Sunday that I made the decision to dive into the worshiping world, April 6th of 2015 to be exact. Only a few weeks into boot camp I had put my trust and strength in God to ease me through the next few months (of misery). Now in the past three years, I have had my fair share of ups and downs for sure. Sometimes feeling more downs than ups.

Strengthen my marriage. I always thought I wanted to get married, then I went through a really abusive, patchy relationship for 3 years. After that, I was unsure. I was unsure of who I was, I was unsure of what I wanted, and I was unsure of what I deserved. I broke off that relationship January 1 and I decided a week later to drop my life and become a Marine. I got a fresh start that way. But I was really wrong and it was probably the worst decision (for my mental health) possible. However, a year later I was sent to NC. February 7th my friend had a super bowl party at her house where I met Justin! I was still in a bad place and I put him through a lot. We decided to get married before his deployment and again, was not the best decision, but I thank God every day we did. 2016 we got married, 2017 he was still deployed for about half the year, so now we have a full year of together. 2018 is our year.

Read more. This is actually one of the top three resolutions. I actually started this in hopes it would strengthen my marriage. The first book Justin and I read, of course, was 5 Love Languages. Even though we both knew each other’s love languages, it was still a good read. It was one of his resolutions to read more, so I figured we could read together at night. Now, I just kind of want to keep going. My next book to read is Love Unending by Becky Thompson.

love unending

Start a Capsule Wardrobe.  I first came across this idea when I was, ya know, watching one of my favorite blogger’s IG stories. I didn’t really know what it was, but she had just started a whole series on what it was and how to create one. Basically, it’s a minimalist style wardrobe. Different basic tees, layers, and a few different pairs of pants that ALL work together. Grab a tank, your coziest cardigan, maybe don’t even change your pants, and GO! In the long run you’ll save lots of money, lots of time, and lots of hassle trying to put different outfits together.

P.S. Capsule Wardrobe will be coming in the future. In the mean time, go check out Erin at CottonStem’s capsule wardrobe series!

Complete a Whole30. After LG gets here, the last 9 months of eating whatever I feel like, sleeping all day, and not exercising will slowly but surely come to an end. I’ve been craving to get back in the gym, so that won’t be a problem as I’ve always loved to workout. But eating… that’s where I struggle. I would rather live off of pancakes, cereal, and mac and cheese (of course with some veggies thrown in there). I’ve never been a good cook, I’ve never really enjoyed it. First, Justin was deployed so it sucked cooking for one. Then for the longest time, I was either too tired or too nauseous to cook anything remotely healthy. My wonderful mother got me a cookbook for Christmas and that kind of inspired me to learn how to cook a bit better and I figured why not incorporate the two together. It will be a learning curve for both me and Justin.

Becoming a Mom! Of course this will happen whether I am ready or not, but this is the #1 this I am looking forward to this year. Motherhood is the greatest joy, the hardest struggle, and the biggest blessing from God. I am so grateful to have been given this child, now onto the next chapter: actually putting everything I have observed from my parents, done research on, and thought about my whole life to work!!!!

Blog Again. I use to blog … a lot, before the Marine Corps anyways. My blog then was a whole lot different than this one will be and that’s okay. My life has changed drastically in the last 3 years and you probably would have been annoyed at the person I was. Too. Many. Gym. Selfies. Writing has always kind of been an outlet for me and I truly enjoy it. I also enjoy sharing my life, my hacks, my finds, really everything. I just like to share. So for those of you reading, thank you!

Until next time,



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