All Girls Need a Little Pink

A nursery has always excited me most about preparing for a baby. Designing, planning, shopping, and DIYing is just so much fun. So the second we found out we were pregnant I started pinning, boys and girls of course (but I knew deep in my heart that we were painting that room pink). Once we confirmed our little bean was a little girl, it was go time.

I shopped online for the best *cheapest* furniture, searched for the best mattress, and got some paint. The paint was easy, Justin actually found the perfect subtle pink, and we got to painting. Now, we had to do all of this fairly early because he was leaving for a good chunk of time for work and hell if I was going to do all of that by myself or even wait for him to get back (I was huge when he got back… or so I thought at the time).

I had a few things in mind when I was shopping for furniture: I needed to get a convertible crib ($$$$) that was cheap AND durable, it was okay to spend a good chunk of change on a quality mattress, and of course it needed to be pretty.

The Crib: I searched mostly at BabysRUs and Target, looking for the best deals. Finally I tracked down a sale at Target that made everything worth it: Spend $200 in baby furniture and get a $40 gift card — yaaass. Plus you could use coupons, so obviously Target you won my heart with the Delta Children Emerson 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, currently priced at $199.99.


The Dresser: Adding to my Target sale, I chose the Strorkcraft Cresent 6 Drawer Dresser in white (which is no longer available).


The Rocker: This was a tough one, I was torn between budget friendly and comfortability. We sat in so many chairs, debating between a few different ones and then we found this beauty. Still, every time I go to BabysRUs, I sit in it because it’s soooo comfy. The Best Chairs Charlotte Swivel Glider is probably the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. The material is soft, yet durable. You just sink in when you sit in it. And Kora loves it more than any of us I think, so it has the cat’s approval! Now it’s definitely on the pricier end: priced normally at $499.99, but it’s almost always on sale for $100 off. And Gigi came in clutch and got it for us, while Justin’s parents got us the ottoman for it (normally priced at $199.99).

The only downside I would have to say about the chair we chose was the fact that you did have to purchase the chair and the ottoman separately, it is not a recliner. Other than that, hands down the best!


Now onto the fun part!

Almost all of the decor in her room is a DIY project that I found somewhere or another. I hate generic designs, so I’m always trying to decorate out of the norms. Justin and I always go to Hobby Lobby and he is so drawn to some of the girl decor.. so it’s definitely a fight to get him on board with my ideas.

Everyone’s favorite thing in her room is the bow holder! That was just something super simple that I found on Pinterest. You just clean out an oatmeal container, buy a candle stick from the Dollar Store, super glue the two together, and wrap in your favorite cute craft paper! Boom, bow holder — stuffed with bows. I do have plans to create another bow holder here in the near future, as her bow collection is starting to add up. But this will do for now.

The flower wall hanging (my personal favorite, and Justin’s least favorite) is yet another Pinterest idea. My initial idea was to have it be roses, but when I looked at the fake roses I quickly changed my mind — and I’m so happy I did. I waited until Hobby Lobby had their wonderful 50% off flower sale going on, of course. I scooped up a wonderful $.75 dowel from the craft section in Hobby Lobby and some yard, and went to town cutting and tying. Simple, yet elegant.

Ikea HACK #1 : $4 spice racksas book shelves. If you haven’t done it yet, do it. I actually ordered them from amazon, the were a few dollars cheaper, and I have prime (if you don’t have it, get it)

Baby Animal Pictures: I honestly just found these on Pinterest, Justin and I agreed they NEEDED to go in her nursery. So I printed them off, got frames from Hobby Lobby, and up on the wall they went!

The curtains and tiebacks were probably the most conflicted part of her room. I originally bought different curtains, I hated them. I tried about four different tieback options, hated them all. Finally I just kind of threw this option together and it was my favorite. The curtains are from either TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Burlington… at this point I cannot remember. They are just basic white curtains. As for the tiebacks, basically I tied a cute ribbon from Michael’s and shoved cut up flowers in the ribbon! Simple.. cheap.. super cute.

The last piece that y’all won’t see until she is born, is her name sign above her crib… along with her crib. So stay tuned for that! It will be a DIY, so I’ll probably make a whole post on it too.

I hope you guys enjoy her nursery as much as I do. Now all we need is baby and the nursery is complete!

Until next time guys,


7 thoughts on “All Girls Need a Little Pink

    1. Thank you! I have been drawn to my chair more and more the last few days, I’m glad we splurged and went for a good one!


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