Our Maternity Photoshoot

As a lover of photography myself, I knew I had to get someone amazing to capture this pregnancy. Since we live in a military town *everyone* is a “photographer” … myself included. But that means lots of options and not necessarily good ones. Don’t get me wrong, I have found some amazing photographers and even more amazing friends because of it, but this was the one thing I wasn’t going to settle on. There were a few things I looked for in a photographer that I believe you should look for too.

Price: this is the first thing you should always look for. If you want quality pictures you are going to have to pay for quality pictures. If you are okay with $25 pictures hanging on your wall, by all means go for it; but that’s not something I am willing to sacrifice. So I searched yardsale pages, local photographer pages, and then I went to google. I found lots of different photographers that were in my price range, so that leads me to my next step. Style.

Editing Style: different photographers have their own unique style (most of the time). One of my favorite photographers has a dark and moody style, she actually did our Christmas card pictures. While I love her style for that, it wouldn’t look quite right in our bright and light colored home. I wanted a photographer who embraced natural lighting and kept everything bright. For some reason, many photographers these days are leaning towards that dark and moody vibe.. so that was my biggest challenge. I also knew I wanted a certain kind of newborn photographer, which is actually where this all started.

Newborn Photography: my all time favorite newborn photographer, of course, lives back home. I love her style, her light and airy, simplistic, natural style. So that’s what I was looking for in a photographer around here. I looked for a while…and I looked far. Before I found Amanda, I found someone about 2.5 hours away that I was going to go with. But thankfully I found Amanda, who isn’t far at all. I have my style, which is represented in my house, in myself, and will be represented in my daughter. Her wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals and light pinks, lots of floral and girl accents. I needed to find an experienced photographer who would embrace my style.

Experience: this is the most important quality a newborn photographer needs to have, not only for a quality experience but for your new bundles safety. I have seen one too many photoshoots gone wrong with newborn photography that actually put the child in danger. I made sure that my photographer was knowledgeable and experienced in different techniques and poses that I was going to want for L’s shoot. I was lucky enough to find a pretty similar match to my favorite photographer back home who also did amazing maternity work!

You can check out Amanda’s work HERE, she is absolutely wonderful. The whole experience for my shoot was more than I could have imagined. She welcomed my husband and I with a cheerful, professional personality. I was able to utilize her dress collection for my shoot and she rearranged everything so that we were able to shoot in the snow! NC never gets snow. She then got our pictures back to us within 2 weeks and showed us a wonderful presentation, complimented by some cheesecake! The whole experience was just wonderful… I am way too excited for our newborn session with L.

Now, tell me how gorgeous these are going to look in our house!


Until next time friends,


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