Valentines Gifts for Her

Just another reason to spoil your sweetie, Valentine’s Day. Which actually sort of annoys me because I am a firm believer that you should be showering you significant other in love every day of the year, but I play along because I love to give gifts. This year is a bit tough for me because I may or may not have a new baby, so I have to plan way ahead.

But for you ladies who are single, or your men need a little extra help with ideas for you. Here are a few of my top favorite cozy assets that you need!

These Pottery Barn Faux Fur Slippers are AMAZING. I saw them on a few of my favorite IG accounts and I just had to get them. First, I got them for my mom for Christmas when they were on sale (she is the ultimate cozy girl). Then they were even more on sale, so I decided to grab a pair for myself and good lord, I am amazed. They are super soft, easy to slip on and off, and absolutely adorable!

If you don’t follow Lauren McBride, go now please. She is amazing. She has got me hooked on everything Barefoot Dreams. My wonderful husband got me the Barefoot Dreams Robe for Christmas, while my sister got me the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Socks. I am in absolute love with both! The material, the thickness, the colors…. all just perfect. They also have the cutest cardigan as well.

I love saving money, so that also means I refuse to pay full price for something. I also have a very hard time shopping for clothes for myself. So when the holidays roll around, I usually ask for some type of clothing. This next piece however, Justin talked me into buying for myself because 1) it was on sale and 2) it’s breastfeeding friendly …. and 3) it fits a bump and none of my clothes fit me right now. I have seen all my favorite bloggers raving about this Aerie Hoodie for the past few months and when it finally went on sale after Christmas I was obsessing over it even more! It’s a loose fit, which is awesome to hide all your … extra in. The material is soo cozy, yet still breathable. It comes in tons of flattering colors. AND the side zip up, making it breastfeeding friendly and it lets a draft in if you’re getting a little warm!!


I, personally, have never been a huge fan of getting jewelry for holidays.. especially Valentine’s Day. But now that I am a wife and will soon be a mom, my family means more now than ever. If you have a child, spouse, or serious boy/girl friend this one might be for you. _9301475

This Kate Spade “One in a Million” necklace is simplistic, yet meaningful and absolutely stunning. I don’t know if I would rather have a J or an L… or maybe both for the price.

Now that we’re on a jewelry kick, I have to share another necklace I found that is just simply stunning. Not only is the Starfish Project jewelry beautiful, it goes to an amazing cause as well! I have seen their necklaces floating around some of my favorite accounts for a while now and I’ve consistently been drawn to this Cross Bar Necklace!


Gifts are not necessarily my love language, but it is how I love to display love. I love seeing people’s face light up when they receive something that they love. So I’m always aiming for meaningful gifts, something that you can’t buy in the store. But if I were to want something material, these are definitely the way to go! Spa days are always nice too.

Until next time friends,


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