Valentines Gifts for Him

Justin and I are not exchanging Valentine’s Gifts… we both think it’s a stupid holiday and we’re prepping for the best gift we could imagine. But if I were to get him something, these are my top contenders (or he already has).

Justin already has like 3 Qalo rings, but there is a new pattern that I think he would love! He’s a big gym rat, Marine, and loves the outdoors, so it’s not always practical for him to be wearing his nice rings. I have a Qalo ring as well and I love it (when it fits my non swollen hands). They are soft, don’t dig in, and you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched up. Before I had one, I was always paranoid about getting my ring banged up… still am to this day. I only wear it if I’m going out. So for guys and gals, Qalo rings are amazing!

Wireless headphones in the gym are a must. I hate being physically attached to my phone, so does Justin. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been a wireless dude. He recently busted his and stole mine (but that will soon end once this baby is out, so he’ll need a new pair of his own).

Fragrance is always something nice to give, guys rarely are willing to spend the extra money on something that smells really nice. Justin has a few different ones that he wears but Eternity Aqua for men, but Calvin Klein is my absolute favorite!

If your man is a dad, or an expecting dad, Tactical Baby Gear anything could be a winner in his book. I know when shopping around for baby gear, especially since we’re having a girl, I leaned towards very girly prints for everything. Of course, Justin isn’t really going to want to wear LG in a floral print Tula or use my floral diaper bag. So I figured I’d surprise him with his own. He beat me to the punch and found it on his own, but whatever. He got his tactical daddy gear.

Gym rat or not, every guy needs a comfortable pair of sneakers. And y’all know me, I’m all for those sales. Right now at Dicks, Justin’s favorite pair of Nike Free Runs are on sale for $20 off!

What are you getting your man for Valentine’s Day? Comment yours below!

Until next time friends,


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