Bringing Positivity Back into your Social Media Life

With social media as strong as it is these days, we tend to get lost in it. I often times find myself comparing my life, in many different ways, to the highlight reels of other’s lives. But you have to remember that that is exactly what it is… it’s their highlight reel. Most of those big time bloggers only show you what they want you to see, well that kind of goes for most people on social media.

A few months ago I realized how many stinkin’ friends I had on Facebook. There is no way that I am actually friends with over 1k people in real life, so why would I care to see all of their life on social media? I had my high school “friends”, my college “friends”, my in between awkwardness “friends”, and my Marine Corps “friends”. There were very few people in the Marine Corps who I had connected with and stayed connected with, the rest.. bye. College, they all went. I think I deleted maybe 600 or so friends.

Whether it’s following someone on Instagram, being friends with them on Facebook, or even being their friend on Snapchat, what is your goal in that status of interaction? What do you hope to gain by following them? What do you hope they gain from following you? As the new year is swinging full blast and baby is quickly making her approach, I have made it a point to clear up my social media and create a more positive feed! Here’s how.

Who do you interact with? Are you actually interacting with them? I find myself following people who I think I will enjoy and then I never think about them again. Especially with Instagram, I want to follow all of these beautiful people, who have perfect houses, and perfect lives. But do I actually find myself following along with their stories, do I enjoy looking at their pictures? Do they make me feel bad about myself and my life? Personally, I have my favorite people I like to follow. I can usually relate to their lives, I enjoy the content they post, and I truly feel like I would be friends with them in real life. On Facebook, I enjoy commenting on pictures and statuses. It makes me happy when I see happy people.

What kind of feeds do you like to follow? What are your hobbies? A year ago I was following fitness and makeup accounts by the hundreds. Today, I follow maybe one or two fitness accounts and hundreds of home décor and mom accounts. It’s okay to change what you like. Life changes. I follow home décor accounts because it is a passion of my to decorate houses, so I follow people who inspire me. I follow mom accounts because, well, I’m about to be a dang mom. Most of the ladies I follow post amazing tips, mom fashion, and make motherhood real (not that fake shit).

How do you feel while scrolling through your feed? Do the people you follow make you feel happy and inspired? Or do you find yourself feeling like you are less because you strive to be like the ones you follow? I use to compare myself to the fitness models I followed.. I wanted to have quads like hers, and abs like hers, and shoulders like hers. Following those accounts just made me feel like…. SHIT! Why would I keep following someone who made me feel bad about myself? I now follow women who inspire me, but I don’t feel like I need to keep up with. Everyone is at their own mark in life, whether you are a new homeowner and have nothing but a mattress and tv in your house or you are an avid collector and have an antique store in your home, you can’t compare yourself. Strive to make yourself better and make sure you pace yourself.. life is short but it takes time to achieve success, in whatever it is that you call success.

I hope you consider cleaning up your social media to make your life happier. Social media shouldn’t control your life as much to make you sad or bad. It should be uplifting, so make it that!

Until next time friends,


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