Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

As my time as a pregnant girl comes to an end and this North Carolina weather shifts back to summer, I am finding myself running a little low on clothing options. I am currently living in two different pairs of sweat pants and stretching my maternity leggings to their last string, so it’s time to find some new clothes.

At the *very* beginning of my pregnancy, I came across a blogger who raved about Capsule Wardrobes. I loved the idea of a simple wardrobe, where everything pretty much goes together. It’s a wonderful way to save money, while still looking cute. So I started my capsule wardrobe in a few, very easy steps.

  1. Sort: I sorted my clothes into {4} categories: KEEP, MAYBE, DONATE, THROW AWAY. I’ve always kind of just kept all seasons of clothing together, with a few pieces I would store in the back of my closet, but with the extra storage we have in our new house I was able to put my fall/winter clothes away and focus on summer clothes… for the time being.
  2. Find Inspiration: I follow lots of bloggers who share amazing finds and sales, so I usually get my ideas from them.. but Pinterest is good too! During this part, you want to make sure that you find your style. Whether you are loving athleasure, high end style, or somewhere in the middle, you want to make sure that you are finding clothes that you will actually where. For so many years I would see something I *thought* I loved and then it would sit in the back of my closet untouched.
  3. Try on your KEEP and MAYBE piles: Decide what from your M pile is worth keeping and make sure that it still fits. Trying your clothes on may also open your eyes to what your actual style is too and you also may find that you actually don’t like those clothes anymore after all.
  4. GO SHOP GIRL! Take advantage of sales but also find a few, pricier, pieces that you are absolutely in love with and splurge (these will last a long time and if they’re neutral and go with everything, you’ll get a lot of use out of them).

But I soon found out I was pregnant, so this whole process was put on hold. So now that it is finally time to not be pregnant anymore, I can resume what I started!

Here is what my current mommy fashion inspiration looks like: easy to nurse, comfy, flattering, and light weight.

Easy to nurse: babies eat a lot, so this is a must. 

Comfy: no one has time to not be comfortable, especially after pushing a bowling ball out of their body.

Flattering: let’s be honest, those postpartum bodies are not what we are use to, so you’re pretty much shopping for a new body type. 

Light Weight: we live in NC, it’s hot… all the time. 

This // AE SOFT & SEXY DESTROY HENLEY TANK TOP // is perfect for layering or by itself. The scoop neck and button up front makes it perfect for breastfeeding AND it is just loose enough to not cling to that postpartum belly.

I’ve been eyeing this // BP V-Neck Tee // for a while now, as white tees can be tricky if you don’t want everyone to see what color bra you are wearing. But it’s super soft, hangs just enough, and doesn’t break the bank… especially for those Nordstrom prices.

Old Navy is my sh*t.. has been since my mom bought my clothes. You know you all had those 4th of July Old Navy shirts growing up, don’t lie. So now that I buy my own clothes, I look even harder for those Old Navy wins. This // Relaxed Luxe Slub-Knit Tunic // is the ultimate find. It comes in tons of different colors, the fit is nice and relaxed, and the material is wonderful for those cozy, newborn snuggles.

Do you see my style? I like neutrals.. Don’t worry, I have some colors in my closet.

Free People is another brand that is a little up there in prices and unfortunately this // Kai Henley // is out of stock in the color I want, but once it’s back in stock I’m jumping on this baby.

Another BP find from Norstrom is this // Side Slit Tee // — absolutely perfect for nursing, not super fitting yet still flattering, and comes in a variety of colors … plus its only $19 !!!

Lately, I have been living in this // Aerie Street Hoodie // which is actually 30% off right now on their website! The zips on the side make it easy to breastfeed or just allows a little extra airflow up there for those wonderful hot flashes. It’s long enough to cover your booty, very light weight, and even fits a 9 month pregnant bump!

As for pants, I’m not looking too hard for those right now as I will most likely still wear my $8 maternity leggings from Burlington until I get back to where I want to be… BUT once I lose that dang baby weight and feel comfortable enough to splurge on jeans, these are some that I am looking at.

I am short, so there’s no question that it’s hard to shop for jeans that fit. But these // Low-Rise Ankle Jeans // from Abercrombie have been sticking in the back of my head for quite a while now. I love darker wash jeans and the distressing at the knee makes them easier to bend down and pick up a baby.. or her toys. FYI these are on sale for $44 right now!

And I lied to you, I already have these // Tomgirl Jeans // from American Eagle and they are AMAZING. The fabric feels like butter, they are loose, and have just the right amount of stretch to them! This week they are having their Jean and Jogger’s sale, so it’s buy one get one 50% off — so snag these while you can. And they do run a bit big, so I would size down.

So, if you’ve got your tax returns back already jump on these deals! And if you’re interested in starting your own Capsule Wardrobe click ……. HERE.

Until next time friends,


6 thoughts on “Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

  1. LOVE capsule wardrobing! My husband and I are working on the same things. I went through my clothes and got rid of 4, yes FOUR trash bags full of clothes! I have a wardrobe board on Pinterest where I pin only things I know I will wear. There are a lot of neutral, earth tones that go well with each other so I can mix and match. I have two requirements for all future clothing acquisitions.. Must be pregnancy friendly, nursing friendly, and wearable when not pregnant. All clothes have to meet at least two of those requirements. It’s really helped me manage my wardrobe!


    1. That is so awesome! I wish I could get my husband into it too, but he’s an impulse t-shirt buyer!! It must feel so good to get rid of so many clothes!


      1. Aww! It did feel SO good to get rid of so much stuff! I actually upcycled a lot of them and am making a rug out of them. My husband had to convince me to try it out, and now that I have, I love it! There’s also a lot less laundry to worry about, so that’s a win too! Maybe eventually he’ll come around to the capsule wardrobing ways. 😉


  2. You have some great tips here! I need to do a clean out of my clothes as well. I just had a baby so I completely understand the need for things to be nursing friendly. I actually ended up not buying any maternity clothes because I figured they wouldn’t get much use so things that I have bought have had to meet the pregnancy and nursing requirements. I too love a bargain and have gotten great deal on cute clothing at old navy!


    1. That’s smart! I bought some maternity leggings which are also great postpartum. And Old Navy has some awesome stuff && their high waisted leggings are the best!


  3. Great tips! It’s so tough finding good versatile pieces post partum that makes us feel good. I just cleaned out my closet and have tons of trash bags. I’m going to look into some of the options you listed. Especially those AE jeans. 😍 thanks for sharing.


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