DIY Entryway Bench

After much nagging to my wonderful husband, we finally have an entryway bench! I have been dreaming of one for a while now, especially with a baby arriving any time now. It is just so convenient to walk into the house and be able to either set bags, her car seat, or my booty on that bench.

As a lover of DIY and saving money, I started looking into building our own a few months ago rather than buying one. And I do have to say, ours came out a lot better than any of the ones I found online (or even in store) and it’s special because it was made by us… in only like 2 hours from start to finish.

Lots of research and I ended up finding this tutorial on Pinterest. It cost only about $45 worth of lumber, we had the paint, and hardware. So it was a perfect, cheap sunny Saturday afternoon project!

Here’s what we used:

(3) 2x4x8s

(3) 2x6x8s

2.5 inch wood screws

Americana Décor Paint: watered down 1:1

We scaled the measurements down to fit our space. So you could either make it bigger or smaller, whichever you’d like.

And make sure you sand off any marks the wood comes with printed on… cause I definitely forgot to, but I guess it gives it character!

We’ve got another project coming for ya, thank the nesting y’all!

Until next time,


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