6 Things You’ll Want to Keep Stocked for Baby’s Arrival

There are so many lists out there that tell you what to bring to the hospital when you’re having a baby. But unless you’ve had a baby before, you really don’t know exactly what you’ll need because everyone is different and every hospital stay is different.

I had a whole list, some stuff ready to be packed, and a plan. Lucia, however, had a different plan. Even though I had most of my things together, I had nothing actually packed and ready to go. So when I called Justin to drive home and pack our bags, I had to think on the fly.

Slippers… hair ties.. what else? In the moment when my emotions were running high and my anxiety was even higher, it was hard to think of what I needed. Luckily I sort of knew what I needed, some stuff was brought I didn’t touch, and some I still haven’t touched 2 weeks postpartum.

So here is my go-to, in the moment, what I actually needed list of what to bring to the hospital with you/ what you’ll need for the aftermath of baby!

// Always Discrete Underwear //

Thank the lord for friends, because all the lists say pads. Skip the pads for two reasons; they’re annoying to to take on and off && you also bleed way too much, and the most essential reason … you may or may not have control of your bladder. No joke, I stood up out of my hospital bed (not feeling the need to pee) and it just started pouring out of me. So yeah, just bring depends.

// Soothies //

When you go from nice dry, not sucked on nipples to constantly being suckled by a new mouth that doesn’t necessarily know how to properly suckle, your nipples take a toll. Pair that with engorged tatas and it’s a miserable few days, I’m not going to lie. These soothie pads go in the fridge, get nice and cold, then they stick to your sore, swollen boobies for some relief for a few minutes… then back in the fridge they go. But those few minutes are so worth it! *You can get them at Walmart where you find the nipple cream*

// Spray bottle //

They give you the peri bottle in the hospital, but take it home with you!! You are not going to want to wipe down there for a while — spray and pat, for weeks.

// New Mama Bottom Spray //

I found this more relieving than the spray that they give you. It’s more refreshing, as it’s infused with cucumber, and the scent is a bit nicer. I got mine on Amazon, cheap and got to me in 2 days!

// Nursing Bra //

My favorite nursing bras are from Burlington, but it’s a hit or miss if you’re going to find them or not. So find one you like and buy a bunch of them! I lived in a bra and sweats from the moment I gave birth until, well, now. Shirts are overrated when you’re staying home, so I said **** it.

// Comfy TShirts //

But if you do have to put a shirt on to go to the doctor or run to the grocery store or something you’ll need some easy access, comfy, baggy t-shirts and these are my favorite ones. V-neck, soft “worn in” material, and less than $10 at …. WALMART!

Of course these are the things that worked for me, they may not work for you. But I have a pile of things that I still haven’t touched (I’m talking to you nipple pads).

So until next time friends,


2 thoughts on “6 Things You’ll Want to Keep Stocked for Baby’s Arrival

  1. Great blog! Thanks for giving tips. I will let my expecting sister read this. She’s expecting a baby boy next month. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can connect with amazing brands and fellow bloggers through the influencer directory of Phlanx.com!



  2. I lived in comfy t-shirts after my son was born! Pants as well since I had a C-section and it was so uncomfortable to wear jeans.


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