The First 3 Days

When you get that BFP, you prepare like crazy. You prepare the nursery, you prepare your body for birth, you prepare your mind for birth… but what happens after your baby is here and you don’t have the nurses to help you through the night anymore. It’s overwhelming, even for the most prepared person (aka me).

So let me be honest with you, no sugar coating or beating around the bush.

  • You cry… a lot. If you think your hormones during pregnancy are bad, just wait. I cried over every movie; I cried looking at LG; I even cried over McDonald’s breakfast… Be patient and just remember everything will regulate and you’ll be normal again.

(But also be aware of PPD, because that is no joke)

  • You’ll be covered in pee, poop, blood, breast milk and still too tired to care. AND THAT IS OKAY! This time passes faster than you’ll even imagine. You won’t remember the amount of poop you had splattered on you, but you will remember the snuggles. Who cares if you smell, or if your hair has been in a bun for 5 days straight. Snuggle your baby, nap with they are napping, cherish their sleepy smiles — they don’t last forever.
  • It’s okay to ask for help. After birth you feel like superwoman; you may be tired, sore, and a little delirious, but you feel amazing. The first night in the hospital I refused to let the nurses take her, Justin rarely even held her (he slept). I was supermom, I don’t have to sleep. I got home and I was determined to do the same thing. Thankfully my mom was there to reassure me that I was still human, I still (desperately) needed to shower && I still need to sleep.
  • Breastfeeding hurts. You go from no milk, to engorged with milk, to leaking milk. Your nipples are raw, maybe blistered, and tugged in every which way… and that’s a feeling you’ve never felt before.
    • Get this. Pumping hurts too and I haven’t had to pump since I’ve been using mine.
  • You might not have control of your bladder. This was the biggest one for me. No one ever told me that it was a thing.. sneezing, laughing, jumping I knew about. But just simply standing, if it’s warm … don’t be alarmed, it’s normal.

What they also don’t tell you is how much you fall in love with your little baby more and more every day. They don’t tell you is how seeing your spouse with this new person the two of you created will make you more emotional than anything else. No one can tell you this because it’s something you have to experience yourself to be able to understand.

Now I’m going to go cry and snuggle my baby,


8 thoughts on “The First 3 Days

  1. You really nailed those first couple of days (or weeks, or even months). The crying! So much crying! But my son is 3 now, and I know I was puked on and peed on and pooped on, I know I was sleep deprived. I know I was profusely bleeding for weeks. But those aren’t the things I remember at all. I remember those baby snuggles and coos, and the cute outfits I dressed him in for 30 seconds before they got spit up on. I remember the love I had for this little person that I never knew was even possible to feel. Beautiful post momma 🙂

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  2. Those first few days really are a crazy emotional whirlwind! I remember being happy, tired, confused, scared, all at the same time. Things get better and are constantly changing!


  3. I remember leavign the hospital and wodnering why we could not have one of the nurses follow us home, like what did i know about caring for a baby lolll. I cried a lot too, and for no reason, i would just start tearing up lolll. I am so glad i had hubby and my parents to help out, dont know how i would have survived!


  4. Love this post! I’m so glad other mamas had the crazy emotional love I had when I first got home!!! I could barely look at my little one without crying tears of pure joy! Nobody told me I would love him this much! Haha “I’m going to go cry and snuggle my baby” so cute.


  5. No one told me that breastfeeding was going to hurt! I remember bawling and feeling so confused. I was told it was natural and I would love connecting with my baby. I cried whenever the baby cried because I hated breastfeeding that much and I didn’t want to feed him anymore, and then I cried because I felt guilty LOL Print this post and hand it out at the nearest hospital lol


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