Before the Pink Line

To the New Mom, the Seasoned Mom — All Moms. You. Are. Great.

From day one, from the moment you saw that pink line you changed. You changed your eating habits, you changed your sleep pattern, you changed the clothes you wore, and the way you put yourself together in the morning.

Your body changed on you, with no regards to how you felt about it. You expanded in every which way, your mind couldn’t focus, and your emotions were torn in a million different directions.

From the start you were amazing.

You prepared your mind and your body for labor and birth, but it was nothing you could have ever imagined. Contractions started off not too bad, you said “I can handle this” and they got worse. Whether your labor was 20 minutes or 30 hours, what you went through is comparable to no other pain. Mentally, you became drained. Physically, your body stretched and stretched and pushed and pushed, it tore in places it shouldn’t. All for one big moment of relief.

Now after all the sleepless nights, the sore nipples, the tears, and *unintentional* cold coffee. You don’t feel yourself anymore. Who was that girl before the pink line? The girl who could stay up all night without thinking twice and could sleep until 11 a.m. uninterrupted. The girl who cared more about the look of her clothes than the functionality of them. That girl is long gone. But you have emerged, Mom. And you are the most wonderful, selfless, giving person there is.

Don’t be sad about the old girl, embrace being Mom. Embrace the bags under your eyes, embrace the greasy 3 day old messy bun, and embrace that sweet little body attached to your hip. Not everyone is able to get that and some Moms are long past those days.

When days seem long and nights seem longer, remember who you are. Cherish the good moments and know that the bad ones will pass. Because before you know it, these days will be gone.

Your strength is like no other.

Your love is strong enough to move mountains.

You are amazing, Mama. Don’t forget it.

Until next time beautiful humans,


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