Favorites of Amazon Prime

Having a new baby makes it hard to get out. Okay let’s be real, I’m lazy and don’t want to go to the store. But thanks to Amazon I don’t have to. I definitely make a fair amount of purchases, but it also leads to a lot of browsing and some of these things have been life changing. I decided not to hold out, so here you go!

For the mom (of course):

  • Diapers of course, but these Pampers specifically I’ve never found anywhere else. I love Pampers, always have. But I’m an all natural lover, so why not with diapers too?
  • Mama Koala cloth diapers have my favorite patterns. Normally they’re pretty expensive, but on Amazon they come in a nice little cheap pack of 6.


  • Burt’s Bees Baby EVERYTHING. Again, natural and organic, super soft and comfy. They’re long enough for my Amazonian (cause she’s really long , wink wink) child, and the color palettes fit our style! The changing pad mats aren’t crazy expensive and they’re super soft too!
  • These postpartum underwear are everything. I went from diapers to pads, but I still peed a little more than pads could handle. These underwear have a wicking layer so that if you do piddle a little much, it won’t soak through where people will see. Plus, they go above the pooch.
  • This knock-off Haakaa is a must have for new nursing moms. It catches your letdown instead of letting it leak everywhere.

For the health nut:

  • My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal ToothPaste is my new go-to whitening toothpaste. Cruelty free, fluoride free, and non-GMO and it actually works! I was skeptical because with the lack of … everything I wondered how it could whiten my teeth but it actually does. And it doesn’t taste like shit.

  • I love water, like more than the normal person, so I drink an absurd about a day. My CamelBak is perfect — 32 oz (the biggest size I could find), it doesn’t spill, it’s easy to carry, oh and it’s only $14.

For the beauty lover:

  • My beauty life is pretty much gone… my pillow is covered in spit up. This is life and I love it. But, I can still appreciate things that make me look, or feel, better. This Mulberry Silk pillow case is so soft and is so good for your hair and skin.

For the dog mom:

  • There’s no question dogs shed like crazy. I could never keep up. But then I got the FURemover after someone in a group recommended it to me and my OCD self went crazy. I swear I could have made another dog with the amount of fur I pulled up from just my area rug. I vacuum like a crazy person, so you know this thing is the real deal.


I know you love Amazon as much as me, because you’d be crazy not to. So I hope you enjoy these gems.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite Amazon find is!

Until next time friends,


9 thoughts on “Favorites of Amazon Prime

  1. I love Amazon. I love the avocado diaper! I’m thinking of trying out a haaka when my second is born. I’ve heard good things.


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