5 Ways to Save Some Cash

As a new mom, I drink a lot of coffee. I’ve always been a lover of the bean, but now I need it to survive. Good ol’ Dunks has been there from the beginning, but I have given my daily fix for an occasional one and given my Keurig a new purpose in life. Recently I have stumbled across a whole new world of coffee flavors with a company called CrazyCups! The flavors they offer are like no other and they offer variety packs so you can try them all.

Head to their site and use code CUPOFCRAZY10 for 10% off!

Diapers are fricken expensive. End of story. We have a good stock pile for now, but once we’re out it’s on to our cloth. I chose to cloth diaper for many reasons but one of the main ones was to save money. The average baby needs about $820 worth of diapers per year, that’s more than $60/month. Depending on the cloth you get, you could build your stash for less than $300! Plus, they can be used for multiple kids & they can be resold as long as you treat them with love!

Walmart Savings Catcher & Target Cartwheel are two of my favorite savings apps. I am at Target way too often, usually just for one thing but I always browse my Cartwheel app to see what deals they have that day and see if there is anything I could use for the future… I haven’t bought toilet paper since January! The Savings Catcher will compare prices at other stores and price match what you’ve got!!

Be like Macklemore back in the day and head to your local thrift stores and consignment shops. Luckily around here, we have tons of baby specific consignment shops so practically everything I’ve got for LG is used. She wore newborn sizes for 5 weeks and then she was onto bigger and better things, so why would I pay for brand new items for her to grow right out of? Also, check your local marketplace and see what other moms are getting rid of. Usually lots of clothes go for pretty cheap.

Buy things out of season. When I first found out LG was LG it was the “end of summer”. In NC there really is no end , but the stores don’t know that so all summer clothes went on sale. And for my February (feels like spring) baby, that was perfect. I got tons of shorts and bathing suits for insanely cheap.

Now of course, not eating ice cream every week and cutting down on your grocery bill saves some money … but what kind of fun is that?

So until next time friends,


17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save Some Cash

  1. I nannied for a family that used cloth diapers and I can definitely see the benefits. If I had babies again I’d probanly use a combination of both though. Regular diapers for or outings and stuff

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  2. Great tips! Luckily diapers are cheap in Norway (but everything else is expensive). I’m a huge coffee lover too, it’s a must every day or else I won’t function, haha.


  3. Great ideas! I already use a couple of these. I try to use my Keurig, instead of heading to the store. Plus, I have never found a thrift store I haven’t liked…lol

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  4. We thought about cloth diapering but the hubby wasn’t interested. We do buy diapers at wholesale clubs and no name brands. We scored a great deal on Christmas diapers and stocked up like crazy. Our son is still wearing them lol

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  5. Thanks for the tips. I did not know about Walmart Savings Catcher & Target Cartwheel. I’ll have to check those out. I always log onto Michaels before I buy craft supplies. They always have a 40% coupon I can use!


  6. Thanks for these tips! We don’t have kids yet, but we plan to get diapers and wipes from Costco. They go on sale and are so cheap!


  7. Excellent! I love the cloth diapers I think that’s kinda neat that anyone would consider them nowadays. I used them way back and was made fun of. It seemed anything I did to save money people laughed at and now it looks like they make super cute cloth diapers. Being frugal is cool! If only I had had an entrepreneur mind then. Lol Loved the suggestions.


  8. Never thought something so simple can save you a lot. Thank for an amazing post, I will have to try some of these, Hopefully, my little one will be out of diapers soon, (working on potty training). But I will definitely have to download cartwheel app ad consignment shopping. Thank you once again!


  9. As a grandma, I strongly encouraged cloth diapers usage to my daughter. It’s not just the savings, which I agree with you are great. My children were all potty trained by age 2 without any effort. My grand-daughter is now 20 months old and asking for her diapers to be removed . . . a sure sign that she is ready to be potty trained. WTG!


  10. I always try to buy clothes out of season because those are when the best deals happen! These are great tips.


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