Mom: We Celebrate You

I’ve always been a good gift giver. I truly enjoy seeing people happy at my expense, so that makes it fun. My mom always liked homemade gifts when we were kids, but as I got older I thought she deserved a little more than a homemade card.

It wasn’t until I became a mom that I understood which gifts truly made moms happiest. All moms are different, so here are a few ideas for the wonder woman in your life.

For the mom who never gives herself a break:

Spa Day – a cliche, but who doesn’t love the spa?

Mani/Pedi – duh, because why not?

For the all too tired mom (aka every mom):

Coffee – this may be a simple gesture, but if I 1) don’t have to make my coffee or 2) don’t have to pay for it, my day is already made. It can either be some CrazyCups or a Starbucks gift card, whatever it is … coffee is coffee.

Customized Mug – because you need something to drink your coffee out of. A friend of mine had a mug the other day with her kiddos cute face plastered all over it! Why did I never think of that for my mom?! Us kids were always stealing her good travel mugs and losing them, I know for sure that I would not have been bringing a mug with my face all over it to school!

For the sentimental mom:

Personalized Jewelry – this is me, hands down. I already have two Lucia pieces of jewelry and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. My favorite right now is my little, simplistic necklace from The Silver Wren, with an L engraved. I also have my eye on a few other things, but they can wait for now.

Customized cellphone case – I love looking at LG on the front of my phone, but you can never see enough of your kiddos.

For the mom who has everything:

Breakfast in bed – sometime Mom just needs a break from cooking for everyone else. Or even take her, or send her, out to her favorite restaurant on you.

Mommy Survival Kit – I made this one year for my mom. Pretty much just put together a bunch of her favorite, practical things in a pretty basket. Some ideas may include chapstick, gift cards, gum or candy, nail polish (if she’s into that), lotion. You could always get fancy and instead of a basket, get her a new hand bag.

So if you have an awesome mom, grandma, or mother figure in your life, remember to celebrate! We should be celebrating them and showering them with gratitude every day of the year, but since someone decided to make it a holiday … make them feel special. Mommin’ is a tough job.

17 thoughts on “Mom: We Celebrate You

  1. I love how you touched base on all different kinds of mom’s out there, however, none of these suggestions seem to fit my mom, although these would be great for my husband to choose for me. lol, our daughter is still too young to actually get me anything. For my mom, I’m keeping it simple, I live out of state and won’t be able to spend the day with her so I’m going to call her and talk for as long as possible. She understands why I won’t be able to see her on Mother’s Day, but I plan to see her a couple weeks after that in order to see her, and my grandmother. It will be a special occasion then because my daughter has never met my grandmother. So it all works out in the end, and surprise, I’ll be taking both of them out to lunch with my daughter and me to celebrate then.


    1. You’re still making an effort, so that’s awesome! My mom loves candles so I’m getting her a personalized one. Sweet, simple, and too the point!


  2. I love the idea of personalized jewelry and the mommy survival kit. I need one right by my side everywhere I go. I also love manis and pedis. If I can get a lifetime’s worth, I’d be a happy gal…Such a sweet list, tfs!

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    1. I love jewelry. I never did until I had LG. Now I even have another ring coming with her name and my husbands!


  3. My favorite gifts are made by the kids, are personalised or things as simple as a cup of coffee I’ve not had to make….in a mug with my kids face on it 🙂 a massage voucher wouldn’t be under appreciated either!! A sleep in…. It’s the simple things these days 🙂


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