Spring Fashion Favorites

This new mom bod is no laughing matter. Everything fits differently, even my underwear. And the weight I assumed would drop off from breastfeeding has yet to budge, so I’m stuck in the middle of not wanting to waste money on clothes I know will eventually not fit and live, sweaty, in leggings all summer. So, here I am. Shopping for some bigger clothes, so I’m trying to save as much money as possible yet still look not so homeless.

I have my favorite places to shop, but I’ve also started to branch out and find some new favorites. Now that I’m carrying a little human around all the time, my main criteria for clothing is the texture of material. It needs to be soft on little baby skin, it needs to be breathable because we both get very hot … and it’s already in the 90s in the good old Carolinas.

When I was little, I remember my mom telling me we were going shopping for back to school at Old Navy.. I cringed. I hated shopping there. Well, 12 years later I’m in there, or on my Old Navy app, every month! I think LG and I spent about 2 hours in there the other day picking through clothes for me (and a few for her). Here are some of my favorite Old Navy Spring finds!!

Both of the Boyfriend shorts and the Denim Cutoffs are super flattering for the curviest of girls and long enough to cover the lady bits even when chasing kiddos around!

I’m a sucker for comfy shorts and these are the shizz. Half my day is spent on the floor playing and the other half I’m running around doing chores. So comfort is key in my lifestyle.

I’ve had this tank since before I was pregnant. It’s loose and flowy enough to hind the early stages of a bump, covers the bump, and is super breastfeeding friendly!

This tee is super soft and basic for every day, with a little touch of feminine.

I also went a little balsy and bought something out of my comfort zone. Since having my little lady, I’ve been all about, well, comfort and accessibility. But sometimes you have to treat yourself with something that makes you feel like you, well the you before motherhood. So I bought this dress. It’s floor length, on me, flattering, and the pattern is just gorgeous!

Old Navy is great for the cheaper, basic pieces. But I’ve been eyeing another basic from Madewell, which is a store I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I’ve heard wonders about their basic tees, but it’s hot so I snagged their basic tank! Two actually!

Spring in NC is summer anywhere else. It’s been in the 90s this past week and you know what that means … S U M M E R &&. W A V E S ! And with this new mom bod, I needed a new swim suit. Our mall just got a new Aerie (I know, we’re slacking) so I went to check it out and they’re bathing suits are amazing. Soft, flattering, and my kind of colors! Plus everything was 50% off, you know I love that! Here’s what I picked up.

Mama style bathing suit. I had to search to find this match, and with the help of the girl working I found this top (which is actually super breastfeeding friendly) and these bottoms. I’ve been obsessed with this color blue lately, and I hit the jackpot with this one.

I’ve yet to find a breastfeeding friendly bra that I LOVE but this one is pretty close. The padding is soft, it slips right under the boob, and there’s no underwire!

So clearly I’m into tanks this summer and this one is a winner!! Most I find are too short for my slightly longer torso, so they make me look funny. But this one is the perfect length! Plus it’s on sale, so I might buy another color.

Let me know if you have any great spring/summer finds below!

9 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Favorites

  1. Ohhh I was looking at those boyfriend type linen shorts. I love buying kid clothes at Old Navy. I just got some t shirts for both of us 50% off last week.


    1. I love all their clothes! Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t fit well in their clothes cause she’s so long and skinny..


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