the best things in life are three

12 whole weeks. 1 quarter of miss Lucia’s life has flown right before our eyes. The most exhausting, stressful, rewarding, amazing months of my life for sure and let me tell you… a lot has happened.

Motherhood is something I have wanted since I can remember; my first word was even baby. But let me tell you, no one can prepare you for what motherhood has to offer… not even one bit. From birth, that first month, to your baby’s first milestones. It’s an amazing journey, one that I am so blessed to share with my husband and definitely one I am thankful to have my husband to keep me sane (even if it is taking LG on a walk so I can get a quick workout in, thanks babe).

Month 2 contained a lot of milestones, very fun milestones! Our smiles turned real instead of gassy or sleepy smiles. There were more giggles, but a lot more tears (from her and I). But mostly we learned more about each other. I have become more in tune with what her cries mean and when she actually needs something versus when she is just wanting me to hold her… like this very moment. We are working on a schedule, but with an on-demand breastfed baby, a schedule is quite hard to set.. we’re working on it.

At 3 months old, Lucia Grace loves:

Walks, or just being outside in general.

Giving kisses.. slobbery, slobbery kisses.

Bath time, specifically getting her “hair” washed.

Sophie (okay, we’re basic, I know).

And she can:

Roll from back to belly!! Yay baby.

Talk, all the time (taking after mom).

Pull mama’s hair, which means our grip is getting so strong!

On Mother’s Day, 2 days short of being 3 months old she LAUGHED! It was the best thing ever.

AND she found her feet, which are slowly being pulled into her mouth.


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