Bringing Positivity Back into your Social Media Life

With social media as strong as it is these days, we tend to get lost in it. I often times find myself comparing my life, in many different ways, to the highlight reels of other's lives. But you have to remember that that is exactly what it is... it's their highlight reel. Most of those … Continue reading Bringing Positivity Back into your Social Media Life

Valentines Gifts for Her

Just another reason to spoil your sweetie, Valentine's Day. Which actually sort of annoys me because I am a firm believer that you should be showering you significant other in love every day of the year, but I play along because I love to give gifts. This year is a bit tough for me because … Continue reading Valentines Gifts for Her

My 2018

I'm not really a resolutions type of person, I can never really stick to certain goals throughout the year... shit happens, man. So instead of setting certain goals, I have decided that I wanted to set certain mindsets and change a few things in my lifestyle. My Top Non-Resolution Resolutions Strengthen my relationship with God. … Continue reading My 2018