Being a mom has always been my calling in life. There was no dream job, no traveling I longed to do, no crazy goals I wanted to reach; there was always my one goal — motherhood.

Justin and I had always talked about children, but it wasn’t until he came home from his deployment that we had that serious “now or when” talk. I had just retired from the Marine Corps myself, I was about to start schooling, and we were buying a new house. So naturally we decided to add a little more to all the change and decided it was time for a little on in our family.

The day before Father’s Day my period was just a few days too late for my comfort, so I decided to pee on yet another little white stick. There was definitely no question: BIG FAT PINK LINE. Then came the water works.


Since this little bub was planned (and Justin was leaving for about 2 months for work), we had to take advantage and find out what he or she was as early as possible.


Like we both had thought, IT’S A GIRL!!!


February 15 came faster than we could have expected and Miss Lucia Grace made her much anticipated entrance, not so smoothly. You can read about her birth here!

We are absolutely over the moon with our little princess. Nothing prepares you for motherhood, nothing ever could. It is the most wonderful, tiring, joyful thing I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. My girl is surely a grace from God Himself.